How to Play the Colonel’s Crap System

The Colsinglel's crap system will take you only a few minutes to teach. It is fun as well as esimilary as well as hsimilar added benefits to playing. Or perhaps it advised be said that it sometimes hsimilar a wonderful chargeout after a scary run of wastees.

The Colsinglel wsimilar an actual player who spent close toly twenty years playing craps at Harrah's in Reno, Nevada. It wsimilar ruincreasinglyd that the old man had been a Colsinglel in the American Army, but nobody knovel for sure. He wsimilar in his eighties or nineties questions I lsimilart saw him, still playing his beloved system of industry bets at the crap game.​

The Colsinglel's betting system containd placing bets in the "industry" area of the crap game. At Harrah's, the industry bet wsimilar a single-roll bet as well as it rental for successfulning rolls of (2,3,4,9,10,11,12). When 2 rolled, the chargeoff wsimilar double as well as questions 12 rolled the chargeoff wsimilar triple. The Colsinglel allifestyles waited for three non-industry rolls to go depend on previously starting his system, then he applicationd a simple Martingale system of doubling up his bets until a industry bet came up or he tapped out.

How the System Works

After three consecutive non-industry rolls, produce a $5 bet on the industry. If (2,3,4,9,10,11,12) roll, you successful. A roll of two charges double your bet as well as a roll of twelve charges triple! If there is a no-industry number rolled, the system claims double your bet to $10. If increasingly no-industry rolls come up on consecutive rolls, the next bets are: $20, $40, $80, $160, $320, as well as fineveryoney $640. This needs a total playing bankroll of $1275.

The fun part of the Colsinglel's crap system is that you never kpresent whether your next bet will successful even capital or a big chargeoff of double or triple your bet.

What Are the Odds?

Players sometimes misestimate their stranges of seeing a a set of of successful industry or no industry rolls beorigin they add up the total chargeoffs instead of adding up only the total successfulning rolls. The industry numbers add up to 16 successfuls in 36 rolls, or 20 losss in 36 rolls. Winning industry rolls at Harrah's in Reno (stranges per 36 rolls) are two (1 time), three (2 times), four (3 times), nine (4 times), ten (3 times), eleven (2 times) as well as twelve (1 time) – for a total of 16 successfulners (16/36). However, because questions rolled, two charges double as well as twelve charges triple, the total chargeoff is 19. That looks forexample it hsimilar to be a successfulner, right? Wrong.

The fact is, you will loss your bet 20 times out of 36, as well as get back 19 bets, so more thaneveryone, you loss single bet out of 36, for a hoapplication edge of 2.78 percent (takeapart single depend on 36). For fun, you can allifestyles search a crap game that grants $1 bets as well as start with a falling bankroll betting $1, then $2, then $4 etc. after seeing three consecutive no-industry rolls. For what it's worth, the stranges of seeing 10 consecutive non-industry rolls is (20/36) to the 10th, or about 357 to 1.

Figuring out if you might catch a two or twelve after various bets is inappropriateer, but questions it happens on a $80 or $160 bet, the chargeoff is a lot of fun!

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